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My Books

This page is a list of my novels, novellas, and short story collections.  I have them listed in chronological order, so if you're looking for my newest, scroll down! Thank you for reading!

His Hard Rockin' Princess

19-year-old bratty with a side of bitch Elle Sullivan isn’t looking for love. She had a boyfriend in high school and it nearly ruined the last few months of senior year. But when her eyes lock with that hot older guy at HeavyMetalFest, she can’t control her heart. Or her lust. He brings things out of her that she never knew existed. Like when she calls him Daddy and demands he spank her. Where in the heck did that come from? But, holy goodness, it’s so hot! Too bad she can tell he hates it. Will that kill the love they’ve built? Or are they destined for more?

Tim “Moth Man” Wade, former lead shredder for the heavy metal band Splitting Braincells and current owner of Moth Man Shred School, never expected to find love at a heavy metal festival, and especially not with a girl a decade younger. But when their eyes meet across the festival campground, he’s hooked. Even if she calls him Daddy and wants him to spank her, something he can’t stand, the sex is so good that he can overlook it. He hopes. He’ll have to if he wants her to be his hard rockin’ princess.

This is available as a Kindle book and as a paperback. This is a 70K+ word New Adult Romance.

The Dragon's Mate

Even before her blood glowed ruby-red under her skin, the Kingdom of Isslich knew Saelee was the one to break the curse the dragon held over them. They held her captive for the first 20 years of her life, until it was time to march her to the dragon’s cave so she could become its bride.

Saelee and her devoted handmaiden (and lover), Vivian, had no doubt a new life didn’t await them in the dragon’s cave. The dragon would murder and eat them before the night was through. Imagine their surprise when they find a palace deep in the cave, one that rivals even Castle Isslich for grandeur and beauty. The dragon, too, isn’t some semi-intelligent beast, but a refined creature who can transform into a human male. A very handsome human male, Saelee must say. Saelee knows why she was promised to the dragon: he’s her perfect mate. And things might work out as intended except for one thing: Vivian has become a woman scorned.

This is a 21k-word erotic fantasy novella.

Babysitting Fun Series

This bundle includes six short tales of erotica featuring babysitters. These young women lust after the older dads and moms they sit for, occasionally both at once! You'll find it available for both the Kindle and in paperback. (Sorry, it's not available as a part of the Kindle Unlimited program, but you can find the individual stories by clicking on the "Short Stories" tab above!)

If you shop for your ebooks somewhere other than Amazon or Smashwords (Barnes and Noble or iBooks, for example), simply plug in Babysitting Fun Series or Clara Zaynn into the site's search bar!

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His Hard Rockin' Princess
Special Edition


This Special Edition contains an epilogue and three bonus short stories that weren’t in the original release. The novel itself remains the same.

If you shop for your ebooks somewhere other than Amazon or Smashwords (Barnes and Noble or iBooks, for example), simply plug in His Hard Rockin' Princess or Clara Zaynn into the site's search bar!

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Carnival of Sin

Conquering a deadly sexual gauntlet could lead Heart Masterson to a race of immortals.


Ever since her best friend disappeared, Heart has been searching. Armed only with a mysterious name, the Carnival of Sin, she scours the seediest corners of the internet and the darkest of back alleys. She must be ready to do whatever dirty deed it takes to find Bliss.


It’s only when Heart gives up all hope that the carnival reaches out, and she finally realizes what she’s been chasing. In order to find Bliss, the Carnival of Sin will challenge her in ways she never thought possible. Heart’s comfortable using both violence and sex, but she’s never experienced anything like this.


Can she survive the trials to find her best friend, Bliss? Or will the immortal Masters feast on her corpse?


If you’re a fan of BDSM and other brutal sexual acts, as well as violence and gore, this dark fantasy erotic tale is for you!


Carnival of Sin is a novella of 32,000 words.

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Six Contemporary Erotic Shorts Volume 1

This bundle includes six tales of contemporary romantic erotica. From sexy love found on the gridiron, on the basketball court, in the classroom, or even hiding in a marriage, this collection holds plenty of love and dirty and steamy fun!

The stories included are:

Flag Football Conquest
Almost the Three of Them
The Open House Sextravaganza
Movie Theater Therapy
HORSE-ing Around
Substitute Teacher Daydreams


At almost 40,000 words, Six Contemporary Erotic Shorts, Volume One holds stories that anyone who enjoys erotic tales will enjoy. These stories are explicit and fun!

If you shop for your ebooks somewhere other than Amazon or Smashwords (Barnes and Noble or iBooks, for example), simply plug in Six Contemporary Erotic Shorts or Clara Zaynn into the site's search bar!

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