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Short Stories

I have quite a few short stories for you to check out. All are available only as Kindle books, and all are 99¢ and free with Kindle Unlimited. Most of these stories are between 5k and 10k words. I've listed them on this page in order, from my first story published to my newest. So if you're here to find the link to my latest story, keep scrolling down, and you'll get there! Thank you for reading!

Flag Football Conquest

Daniel figured the Coed Flag Football Club would be a couple of hours of fun each week, but he hadn't expected to meet the girl of his dreams on the first day. When he looked across the line of scrimmage to see who was defending him, he saw and heard the beautiful Melody Simms taunting him. And the best part of it all, after their epic battle on the gridiron, they find a quiet place to continue their physical confrontation. When their time is intercepted, they make a date to even the score that night.

While he can't get a handle on her personality, he can't help but want her body. While he almost ruins any chance to continue what started on the football field, he manages to recover his fumble in a way he never expected. Not only is sex great, but these two might just have scored a touchdown for love.

The Odd Costume Party Fiasco

Shyness has been Holly's bane her entire life. She simply can't talk to people in social settings. When she's home from college for the summer, her sister, Cindy, pokes fun at her once too often, and Holly realizes she must step out of her comfort zone to show her up. The perfect chance comes that night at a fraternity costume party, where she plans to seduce the guy Cindy has her eye on. Holly isn't sure she has what it takes to pull it off, but she's stacking the deck in her favor by dressing in a very sexy devil costume. Once she's at the party, things go as planned, but not nearly as expected. Has her desire to one-up her sister at a party been derailed by meeting the guy of her dreams?

Catching the Hot Dad

Babysitting Fun 1

Almost the Three of Them

Aaron Taylor plays basketball at small South Shore University. It's just a club league and not NCAA competition, but he still has fun. Especially since he's noticed two beauties, Tabitha and Jordyn, at each game. Even better, whenever he glances over at them, their attention seems focused on him. He doesn't think anything will ever come of it until the night they meet him after a game. They show they have genuine interest in him when they almost at once invite him back to their shared apartment. Both girls have secrets, but the night very well could prove to be the best of young Aaron's life.

The Open House Sextravaganza

Maggie and Tim’s marriage had been going through a rough patch until they learned of the fun they could have in locked bathrooms in open houses. Now they couldn’t be a happier couple, and they couldn’t imagine their new weekend ritual getting any better. A trip to a fancy neighborhood an hour away, though, proves that wrong. In their first open house of the day, at a huge Victorian mansion, they meet Mitchell, the owner and real estate agent, who instantly proves he knows they’re looky-loos. But that’s okay because he’s one, too, though in a different sense. When he leads the couple into the huge master bedroom, how will their open house trysts change?

The Passionate Possession of Room 1426

Jenna and her boyfriend, Brent, are dared to stay in a supposed haunted hotel room. Neither of them believe in the supernatural, so they figure the only excitement would be a hot night of sex. And while that’s exactly what they get, it’s nothing like they expected, as the resident ghost takes over Brent’s body. Will the Passionate Possession in Room 1426 be one of pure pleasure for her, or will it instead turn into a night of total terror?

Hannah has a primo babysitting gig. Little Madison is a joy to watch, and Mr. James, Madison’s single dad, pays well. Even better, Mr. James is a complete hottie, a DILF. When a work emergency has him begging Hannah to come over pronto, she decides this could be their time. He might need something to relax him after a stressful night, right? She’s more than willing to be there for him. Will he let her do whatever it takes?

Mom, Dad, and Babysitter Make Three
Babysitting Fun 2

Brit is the perfect babysitter. Kind, nurturing, and entertaining. Gia loves her. As do her parents, Heidi and Ryan, who see young Brit as more than simple help with their young daughter. When Heidi and Ryan decide to have Brit over for dinner, they hope one thing leads to another. To their surprise and delight, young Brittany is more than willing to take this relationship to new heights. This could very well prove to be the best night of all three of their lives.

This is not a sequel to Babysitting Fun 1, but a simple continuation on the theme.

Babysitter Sandwich
Babysitting Fun 3

Brit couldn’t be happier that her babysitting duties now involve having plenty of alone time with Gia’s parents, Ryan and Heidi. She’s so in love with both of them that she doesn’t even bother looking for a college-age boyfriend. Ryan and Heidi can’t help but brag about her, and that catches the interest of Ryan’s best friend, Gabe. Does Brit want to find out what adding another man to the mix might be like? Heidi won’t join in on that, but with Ryan there, she thinks it could be a lot of fun. And the three of them are very willing to find out what it’s like!

This is a sequel to “Mom, Dad, and Babysitter Make Three: Babysitting Fun 2”

Daddy's Watching
Babysitting Fun 4

Hector couldn’t cheat on his wife, but he could pay their 19-year-old babysitter, Savannah, to flash and have all kinds of other naughty fun on camera. It’s not cheating, after all, since he only watches on his computer. As things heat up, though, Savannah wants to know what Hector is packing, and how well he uses it. He can’t let it go that far, but how far can she push him?

This is not a sequel to Babysitting Fun 1, 2, or 3, but a simple continuation on the theme.

Daddy Wants to Play
Babysitting Fun 5

Savannah not only babysits every week for the Chavezs', but she’s been getting paid to perform naughty acts on the security system cameras by Mr. Chavez. She loved the extra income but wanted more. It started as an itch wondering what it would be like to be with a married man, but soon moved past that. She couldn’t keep from thinking about becoming the next Mrs. Chavez. No, she wasn’t the type to out-and-out sabotage a marriage, but, hey, if the current Mrs. Chavez found out that Mr. Chavez wanted to play, that wasn’t her fault, right?

This is a sequel to Babysitting Fun 4. It has nothing to do with Babysitting Fun 1 – 3 except for theme.

Mommy Knows Best
Babysitting Fun 6

Emma had never been with another woman, but when she walked in on her son’s babysitter, Alex, “playing,” she had to see what it was like. Though the young 19-year-old babysitter was hesitant at first, she also warmed up to the idea quick enough. After a steamy night, Emma knew she’d need to find another babysitter so she could be with her babysitter as often as possible.

This is not a sequel to Babysitting Fun 1-5, but a simple continuation on the theme.

10 Erotic Quickies

Here are ten short erotic tales. Quickies. They’ll take you to have fun in the gym, a movie theater, a sex shop, and other places for sometimes planned, and sometimes spontaneous trysts. Sometimes a long, drawn-out sensual session is great, but who doesn’t get off on a down-and-dirty quickie every now and then?

Mad Merlin's Secret Dungeon

When Becca catches her boyfriend sleeping with her roommate, she knows it’s not the end of the world, but it still stings. Her friends sense her depression, and suggest a night out at the world-famous Halloween attraction, Mad Merlin’s Haunted Keep. The twist is that Becca won’t actually attend the haunted maze-proper, but a secret dungeon beneath. She’s never heard of it, but her friends promise, in far too cryptic of terms for her taste, that she’ll have a blast. Since they won’t take no for an answer, she supposes she has no choice but to check it out. Of course, once she gets down into Mad Merlin’s Secret Dungeon, all thoughts of her cheating boyfriend vanish!

Can You Help?

There’s an evil in the wilderness that calls out to males in a sexy “Can you Help?” It’s a siren song which leads to ultimate death, no matter how pleasurable the experience proves. 

When a group of four friends find themselves in a deserted campground, they think they’re in for a fun and relaxing weekend. The evil lurking about, however, begins picking them off. Can anyone survive? Or is the demon’s call too hypnotic?

She Thanks His Giving

Bethany expects nothing exciting to happen during this Thanksgiving celebration. It’s to be a fun time catching up with her parents, her sisters, and their families. But when Ryan, her love from high school seven years prior, strolls up the driveway, everything changes. She’s never been able to get over him, and the piercing gazes he gives her might prove he feels the same. When they decide to take a stroll to the same park they lost their virginity in all those years ago, will sparks again fly? Will a lost love be regained on this day of thanks?

The Hot Clerk

Kaitlyn never imagined a simple chore at work would lead her to meet the man of her dreams. She lusted after Zach with a single glance, but somehow, thanks to the magic of the holiday, it turned into so much more. 

Movie Theater Therapy

Jenna spent the last six months working hard to drop the baby weight her second child left her with. She feels great about herself until her husband makes an offhand joke about her appearance while on a date night at the local movie theater. It guts her, and she needs to leave in the middle of the movie to be alone for a few minutes. As luck has it, one of the employees, a hot young stud, not only asks if she’s okay, but gives her major compliments on her looks. When she asks him to prove it, he takes her up to an empty restroom, locks the door, and gives her some of the best therapy any woman could want. Will her husband notice her new found confidence, or will she stay with her young hunk of a stud?

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day

23-year-old Bailey Martin has never known another boyfriend other than Chip, who always made Valentine’s Day magical and romantic. This year, though, she finds herself single and dreading February 14th. Her bestie, Trina, has her back. Sort of. Trina’s forcing Bailey out on Valentine's night to celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day. She’s forbidden to think about romance, but instead must get with and leave as many guys as she can, even if it's so not her thing. Will Bailey be able to go through with it? Can she embrace her slutty side and enjoy Anti-Valentine's Day? And, maybe most importantly, will anything happen with that hot guy at the bar, even though romance is strictly forbidden?

HORSE-ing Around

19 year old Carrie Garcia hates her boyfriend, Dylan, but she doesn’t want to break up with him because of how great he is in bed. After he humiliates her yet again, she realizes she’s had enough. While he heads for the gym, and doesn’t invite her, she drives to the campus basketball court to shoot away her anger. As fate would have it, a totally hot nice guy, a welcome change from Dylan, also chooses to shoot baskets on that Saturday night. Instead of simply chucking up shots, they decide it would be fun to play a game of HORSE. The added bonus? The one who gets a letter also has to answer a personal question.


Can a random game of HORSE really lead to true love? Reveal a soul mate? Carrie thinks it might. Will this nice guy, Jay, think the same thing after Carrie reveals more of her past, why she’s still with Dylan? She thinks he might be her true love, but he needs to agree for that to work. What will the game reveal?

Substitute Teacher Daydreams

Sometimes dreams, even the sexiest, can come true.


Jenni Abbott might not have much experience, but the 18-year-old high school senior knows all about sexy encounters in her daydreams. When the handsome substitute teacher, Mr. Reynolds, replaces her normal Language Arts teacher for a few days, she believes he will become the star of further dreams. It’s not until she realizes that the hunky substitute has eyes for her, too, that she decides to act. Will he take her well-baited hook and give her the best time of her life?


“Substitute Teacher Daydreams” is an 8000 word erotic schoolgirl short story. If you enjoy light spanking and plenty of sexy fun, this story is for you!

Their Own Fireworks


She had no idea how she would ever get over an unwanted sex tape.


Recent high school graduate Billie Samms thought she’d have no way to get away from the sex tape her boyfriend made of her losing her virginity. Her parents decided to whisk the family away to a beach house for the 4th of July holiday, far away from the controversy. On her first day there, she meets Henry, who she thinks is the guy of her dreams, but when he makes a sex tape joke, she knows she can’t get away from it.


Can Billie find her way away from the sex tape? Did Henry really see her tape, or was it simply an unfortunate and ill-timed joke? And will they get to create their own fireworks during the holiday celebration?


“Their Own Fireworks” is a 9500 word erotic 4th of July Holiday-themed short story. If you enjoy watching an inexperienced young woman blossom, have plenty of sexy fun, and experience a touch of romance, this story is for you!

The Unexpected Cougar

A young lover shows her just how far apart she and her husband have drifted.


Katie knows the passion has drained from her marriage. Ricky is more interested in drinking beer and watching the ball game on TV than her. When she goes to a book signing at a local independent book store, she meets a young (20 years her junior!) man who gets her to realize she doesn't need to put up with a loveless marriage. They hit it off right away, and after they get their books signed, steal away to a sleazy motel for a few hours of extramarital fun. And maybe more. She hadn’t planned to become a cougar, but it worked out for her!


If you enjoy stories featuring hot cougars and well-built studs, this 11,000-word erotic tale is for you.

The Pool Party Swing-O-Rama

A head-hopping, partner-swapping tale of poolside fun.


Three young married couples decide they’re ready to spice up their marriages. What better place to have some extra-marital fun than a pool party, where everyone is already dressed in skimpy bikinis and swim trunks? Megan and Josh are gym rats who take pride in their hard bodies; Felicity gets excited by bossing her husband, Christian, around in the bedroom; Tony is a dominant to his demure wife, Emma. How much fun will these six have together in and around the water?


This steamy 15,000-word short story is great for anyone who likes to see groups having a sexy time together!

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